Our main objective was to invent fencing systems that has an attractive, natural looking timber fence that won't lean, sag or rot with the combination of quality tested and certified pre-painted hi-tensile ColorSealed® coated steel.

The Paling Green fence systems are NOW here!

Two fence styles available:

Paling Green Interlocker - a patent fencing system that has no rails and nails. Simple and fast construction. It combines the benefits of steel with timber. No central rail which provides better security plus neighbour friendly as the good side is both sides whilst looking stylish.

Paling Green 3 Rail - neighbour friendly fence where both sides of the fence looks exactly the same. Simple construction with no nails plus has the benefits of both steel and timber. It has additional mid rail for extra strength.

Both the two fence systems start at ground level with either timber sleepers or steel plinths keeping unwanted weeds, debris off your property. For the top of your paling green fence systems, you can add an additional stylish decorative feature with the option to choose from a decorative timber or steel lattice.

Paling Green Kit Gates is also available for both the Interlocking and the 3 Rail fence systems to match the complete fence.

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